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TLD puts all the information you need right where you can get at it. No more unexpected policies hidden away, no more asking the client for their information, you already have it!

Lead Matching

Not enough information? Match up leads with their dependents, policies, agent notes, customer service requests, and even verification recordings should you utilize our integrated phone system with SIP trunking by Telnyx.

Real-Time Sales Flow Updates

We make sure each lead is taken through our standardized sales flow expertly crafted by our knowledgeable developers with a history in health insurance, from sale to submission.

  • Reports update in real time with every lead you add into the CRM.
  • View your room’s live performance on your dashboard, or generate a more detailed view into your data.
  • Let your agents know how they’re doing by displaying your Sales Board report live on a TV or Projector.

Watch how fired up your agents get as they compete with each other for sales and any contests you announce. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of competition.

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