Features Overview

What’s Included

Get the most complete insurance call center platform right out of the box

Sales Flow

We take your contacts from lead to sale and even renewals with a robust workflow that allows you to know exactly who did what and when with detailed auditing features.

Agent Control

Control every detail of what your agents see. Protect your data from your staff and give sensitive access to only those who need it using our predefined roles or specific abilities.

Call Backs, Appointments & Events

Schedule your contact with agents for in home or in office visits! Manage your callbacks and appointments in our easy to use Calendar. Create Events and RSVP your clients and track who showed up and more!

TLDialer / VICIDial Reimagined

TLDialer is a Native Integration with our Hosted VICIDial service. Your agents work from one screen. Data synchronizes automatically. Our VICI Servers are always up to date.


Quick glimpses and detailed lead vendor analysis let you fine tune your expenses.

Agency Friendly

Not just for Call Centers! Using our “My Business” section you can allow your agents to control their book of business. From leads and policies to callbacks and appointments. If you trust them, give them control!

Third Party Integrations

Our platform has a relay system that lets you send your data where you need it, from dialers to SMS and other marketing platforms. Need a custom integration? We’ll implement it as an option in our system.

Flexible Contracts

We get it. Your call center grows and shrinks all the time. Why get stuck with seats you don’t need? We allow you to scale up and down every month and still keep your users in the system to keep track of data.

Experienced Staff

We have been in the call center industry for over 8 years. Let us help you setup your call center optimally so you can focus on getting your agents to sell. We add that personal touch no other company offers.

Managed Backup

Did you know if you lose a single medicare recording on request, you forfeit your forward commissions? We store and backup your data in three different locations per medicare specifications.

PHI / HIPAA Compliant

We take great measures to secure your data. All of our operations and third party vendors have signed a BAA with us, and we will of course sign one with you!

Skyrocket Sales

Our lead to sale workflow will boost you over the top of the call center game.

Total Lead Domination gives you everything you need to run your call center seamlessly and headache free so you can focus on growing your business.

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