TLD is CrowdSourced for Growth

Why We Crowdsource Our Product?

The benefit of TLDCRM SaaS is that our platform continues to grow, often at no cost to you. Besides our own development track and list of features we want to implement, we turn to our clients as our greatest source of inspiration for new features and tweaks.

Our clients also help us determine the sense of urgency for new features, which we use to modify our development timeline and flow.

Why We Support Crowdsourcing:

Collective Brainstorming

We implement features that we know will be useful to everyone in the insurance sales industry. This includes marketing tools, sales process automation, client management, re-marketing and more.

Embracing Industry Evolution

We have been in the health insurance industry for over 6 years, but we neverclaim to know it all. There is always a better, or newer way to approach sales.

The more we understand your sales process, the more we learn. The more we learn the more the platform grows. The better the platform, as you know, the better your sales and retention are.

Collective Access Knowledge-Base to Industry Technology

Technology is the greatest (besides your amazing agents) and often most overlooked part of a call center. We stay on the cutting edge; don’t settle for old technology.

“Mass collaboration is the future of competitive advantage in business.”

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